Anaheimers need to VOTE

From the OC Politics Blog:

Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, paid apologist and Curt Pringle-fanboy is blogging again, this time at the curtly named Anaheim Blog.  Although he lives in Orange, his focus these days is Pringle’s Anaheim — “Civic affairs in OC’s largest city” as he subtitles the Blog.  Jerbal founded the popular “OC Blog” years ago which he later sold so it could morph into the failed “Red County” empire.

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The Jerb must have taken some exception to our Monday piece,Updated: “A backroom sweetheart deal”, that agreed with a Register editorial which suggested the $158 million Anaheim bed tax giveaway to a hotel developer ought be approved, or not, by the city taxpayers via one of those costly and annoying elections instead of being put where the sun doesn’t shine by the developer-funded City Council majority.  In Maybe The Packing District Should Be Put On The Ballot?, he writes:

Shouldn’t the “Take Back Anaheim” (sic) be demanding this project be placed before the voters for their approval, since they believe city council government incompetent to make spending decisions absent recourse to the voters (unless, of course, the developer has been shaken down for sufficient goodies).Take Back Anaheimwas behind “an initiative last Spring calling for a public vote on any proposed use of city tax funds as an incentive for private development” per this OCR story last May. They were supported by Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and former Councilmember Lorri Galloway.  But lacking the financial resources of, say, Jordan Brandman, the Initiative was unable to pay for signature gathering and failed to collect enough to qualify for the ballot.

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