A Backroom Deal - GardenWalk Giveaway

From the OC Politics Blog:

As happens too often, it took a day for a Register print editorial to come up on its website — and this one makes a pile of sense: A backroom sweetheart deal.  That this was their lead Sunday editorial also adds to its importance.

From todays Anaheim Bulletin and Anaheim Hills News

From todays Anaheim Bulletin and Anaheim Hills News

Their editorial folks have come to a completely sensible conclusion re. what’s become known as the “Anaheim Giveaway” — a $158 million THEFT of bed tax to a hotel developer — was inappropriate and should be voted on by city taxpayers:

There seems to us a simple way for the Anaheim City Council to stem the public controversy over its development contract with Mr. O’Connell and to address the issues raised by Judge Perks: Put the entire matter before Anaheim voters next summer and let them decide whether the city will get a fair return on the incentives it has proffered the hotel developer.

Of course, putting the Giveaway on a ballot next year is absolutely the right thing to do — if it doesn’t make it, perhaps recalls of Kris Murray and Gail Eastman might be a reasonable substitute.  We’ll bet that Murray knew exactly what she was doing when she rushed this vote with improper notice to the electorate.  Someone also might be asking where Anaheim’s City Counsel was on this before Murray shot herself in the foot.  Subsequent news stories noted there were no opposing comments from the audience — an obvious indication that the folks who would have vigorously spoken against this larceny were not there and unaware of how the item was to be railroaded through the Council.  Murray pulled a similar trick when she rushed the $319 million Streetcar vote through the Council last month.

That the Brown Act was blatantly subverted by the Council ought to have more consequence than just forcing a re-vote that’s likely in the works.  A fine would be in order, but at least Murray and her cronies need to hear from the public, loudly and often.  Jordan Brandman, a Curt Pringle-lackey, can be counted on to support the Giveaway, but should understand that it might radically shorten his nascent political career.  Gail Eastman has the experience, and presumably the intelligence, to just plain know better.  [Re-elected Councilwoman Lucille Kring certainly knows better, but we still believe she has a conflict with anything GardenWalk as she owned a business there and would need to recuse on any future vote.]

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