The Heart of Mayor Tom Tait

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Council Member Lucille Kring's post swearing-in party at the Muzeo. It was a wonderful evening full of toasts, speeches, food from Healthy Junk, and lots of wine.

Mayor Tom Tait
Mayor Tom Tait

As many of you know, there is a very special man who attends every city council meeting. Generally he talks about his faith in God and always has a positive outlook on issues affecting the city. Mayor Tait is always patient with him and listens despite his issues.

Well this man attended the party tonight. At one point he was talking to Mayor Tait and his wife Julie and expressed that he needed a ride to the bus stop. Without hesitation, Mayor Tait said he and Julie would be happy to take him to the bus stop. I know this seems silly but that moment really touched me. Cause I don't know if I would have given that man a ride home because he seems a bit off (I know that's not politically correct lingo).

That simple gesture speaks volumes to the heart and character of Mayor Tom Tait and his wife Julie.