Anaheim Voters

From the OC Weekly:

-Please note I do not agree with their opinion of Lucille Kring-

The eyes of the world were once fixated for a brief moment on Anaheim, the supposed "the facade was torn apart by controversial officer-involved shootings and days of social unrest erupting in its Latino communities this summer. 


With the attention of the national and international press now gazing elsewhere, Anaheim voters did the same ol, same ol' electing Curt Pringle tool Jordan Brandman and Know Nothing pendeja Lucille Kring to the city council. 

Endorsed by the Orange County Register and Mayor Tom Tait, Republican John Leos could only place a distant third, as he did in 2010, even with the Orange County Employees Association making it rain on his campaign. 

Ladies and Gents, after tumult in Toontown, the incoming city council will be sans minorities and all-gabacho! But this is a diverse council: with Tait-endorsed Kring coming back for a third overall term, she'll join Gail Eastman in boosting Ginger representation--much to the ire of Cartman from South Park!

The only silver lining in this mierda is that, despite being backed by establishment interests, sudden Mexi and dirty cop Steve Lodge lost...badly. The cheap "Chavez" trick wooed neither Latinos and may have even repelled reactionaries! His supporters saw the burrito for the beans as robocalls emphasized Brandman while completely ignoring Lodge. Opponents focused their hit piece mailers on the former as well knowing the jig was up for one-half of the corporatist twinsies. 

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