Disney funding NEGATIVE campaign

The Walt Disney Company is so desperate to retain power over the Anaheim City Council that they have begun funding a negative campaign against John Leos and Lucille Kring.

Here's how they have funneled their money to hit Mayor Tom Tait's reform team:

1. Disney directly gives $100,000 the Orange County Business Council (OCBC) in addition to $15,000 funneled thru SOAR aka Screw Our Anaheim Residents.

2. OCBC turns around and gives $24,000 to a PAC entitled Citizens for Anaheim's Future chaired by Anaheim City council member Kris Murray.


3. Citizens for Anaheim's Future spends the following on anti-Kriing/Leos mailers:

a. $11,1136.60 John Leos

b. $12,331.04 John Leos

c. $11,804.07 Lucille Kring

That's a whole lot of money spent on a negative campaign against candidates endorsed by The OC Register and Mayor Tom Tait.

The big questions is. Why would Disney spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and elect Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge if there wasn't something in it for them? They have already been given $158 million for two luxury hotels they plan to brand/operate at GardenWalk. Puppets Eastman and Murray have green lit the $300+ million streetcar to ferry their guests. What more could Disney want in the next few years?