Misinformation from the desk of Councilmember Murray

Anaheim City council member and Disney puppet Kris Murray placed this ad in the OC Register:

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Here is my response to her spin on the GardenWalk Hotel deal:

1. There is no provision in the GardenWalk hotel agreement that guarantees local jobs, union labor, or prevailing living wages. In addition there is no Community Benefits Agreement like LA Live in Los Angeles.

2. This is a GIVEAWAY of $158 million in future tax revenue. Tax revenue that would have benefitted the general fund is being diverted to a wealthy developers wallet.

3. The Honda Center, Convention Center, and Angel Stadium generate no direct revenue to the City of Anaheim (per City of Anaheim spokesperson Ruth Ruiz). These venues, while providing entertainment, are merely cash cows for the companies who operate them.

4. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, OCBC, OCTX, and SOAR are only concerned with getting sweetheart deals for the Anaheim Resort. The needs of the residents of Anaheim are not their priority.

5. Mayor Tom Tait, Mayor Pro Tem Lorri Galloway, City of Anaheim staff, and the former finance director and current city manager opposed this $158 million giveaway.

6. A lawsuit has been brought against the City of Anaheim stating these causes of actions:

1. Violation of Anaheim City Charter-Illegal Gift of Public Funds/Property

2. Failure to Subject Project to California Environmental Quality Act

3. Violation of the Anaheim Hotel Development Economic Assistance Program

4. Violation of the Planning and Zoning Law

5. Violation of the Ralph M. Brown Act