AUHSD trustee responds to Jordan Brandman's denial

Jordan Brandman is currently under investigation by the OC District Attorney's office. Allegedly he used district resources and facilities for his personal and/or campaign use. Brandman has denied the allegations and issued this statement on 10-22-12:

“This is another groundless personal attack by Katherine Smith to smear my good name. She has repeatedly attacked me personally in public since I joined the Board of Trustees." Trustee Katherine Smith has responded with the press release below:


What Would You Do?                                                  Oct. 23, 2012

As a Trustee for Anaheim Union High School District, I was recently faced with a decision to contact the Orange County District Attorney’s office to investigate real concerns that are deeply disturbing. As the months went by it became more apparent that others were turning a blind eye to actions occurring by a member of our School Board.

In February, a community leader spoke at a board meeting asking for the board member’s resignation. It was then that I became aware that I was not the only one with this knowledge. Now, an investigation is underway and others have come forward with additional information of which I was not aware.

Because the Board member in question is running for an Anaheim City Council seat, of course, the charge is that “This is all politics!”  The timing is coincidental, the charges are real.

The responsibility of a Trustee is to do the business of the School District. The larger concern is: What happens to an institution and community when an elected official abuses the power of office? If an elected official gets away with illegal behavior, he/she will be emboldened and empowered to continue, eventually be discovered, and like so many former politicians, be imprisoned.

Now, the blogs are fired up with attacks and the “war” is on. The information unfolding reveals a methodical, pernicious behavior that I could not ignore. Thus, I have called for an investigation to bring this all to light.

When people engage in a cover-up, history shows that the cover-up is worse than the crime. If the Trustee is clean, he should welcome the investigation.

I find no joy in exposing a fellow Board Member, nor do I want or need the stress. The truth must prevail. What would you do?

Katherine H. Smith, Trustee, Anaheim Union High School Distric