Shawn Nelson endorses John Leos

by Cynthia Ward

ANAHEIM (October 19, 2012) –Supervisor Shawn Nelson of the 4th District has endorsed John Leos in his bid to win a seat on the Anaheim City Council. Pro-taxpayer and pro-accountability Nelson is a popular, no-nonsense lawmaker who believes local government cannot afford to continue doing business as usual. 

“Given his family’s background in Anaheim and his U.S. Marine Corps service, I have the utmost respect for John Leos,” Nelson said. “John is exactly the kind of hardworking family man the Republican Party welcomes. I believe John Leos will do a great job representing Anaheim and its community. He has a clear vision of how to make Anaheim safer and more prosperous.” 

Supervisor Nelson is also a civil litigator who has brought a working-class Republican approach to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. He has formerly served as City Council Member and Mayor of Fullerton. He is an active parent in youth soccer and coaches Pop Warner football as well. The Orange County Republican Party named Nelson “Local Elected Official for 2009.″

Shawn Nelson

Make no mistake about it, this is as political an endorsement as it gets. No way is a stalwart of the GOP like Nelson going to let a Democrat take a seat in such a tight race in a community in his 4th District, especially one that the Dems see as the future of the party, and possibly the future of the BoS. But I also believe that Nelson’s endorsement is genuine, and somewhat emotional. With Tom Tait shouldering the load of backing the “union guy”, Shawn seems to be stepping in and having Tait’s back. Still the football player.

It is no secret that Shawn Nelson can do no wrong at my house, but this one was touching. It took stones to step up and tell the world that a union candidate can be an OK guy, and especially given the Supervisor’s history with the OCEA (I am still scraping bits of mailer out of my shredder from 2010) this was an enormous step toward getting some very disparate views to work together for the common good.

Thanks for being there for Anaheim, Supe.  Reason #428  I am glad Sidhu got sent home.

Mayor Tom Tait and John Leos

Mayor Tom Tait and John Leos