Friends of Kris Murray ready for June 25th fundraiser

Kris Murrays big fundraiser is coming up on June 25th at the Diamond Club at Angel Stadium. Her host committee contains quite the collection of interesting characters.

1. Matt Cunningham - discredited blogger and supporter of pedophile priest protector John Urell. Also known for outing sex abuse victims. Currently he is working for The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce for which he writes Read all about his past here: 

Matt Cunningham

Matt Cunningham

2. Steven Chavez Lodge - named one of 2012's Scariest People by OC Weekly

Steve Lodge

Steve Lodge

"Steve Lodge has gone by Steve Lodge professionally for decades, but when he announced an Anaheim City Council run this year, he decided to use Steve Chavez Lodge. (Chavez is his birth surname.) The reason for the sudden Mexican love? Anaheim has a huge Latino electorate but no Latino council members. Activists sued to prohibit Lodge from using his newfound name for the election; they lost. But Lodge can't escape his past as a dirty Santa Ana cop who beat up a jaywalker so badly a federal jury fined him $612,000. And there was also the 2001 case in which Lodge had a man wrongfully imprisoned for murder for more than a year—until prosecutors dropped all charges Meanwhile, Lodge's campaign signs keep getting tagged with "pocho," which is Mexican Spanish for "Steve Lodge." 

3. Kerry Condon - head of the APA who lied and distorted the truth regarding civilian oversight. Read all about his actions here: 

Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon

4. Jill Kanzler - the leader of Screw Our Anaheim Residents (SOAR). This groups sole mission is to divert as much tax revenue to Disney related projects. 


Jill Kanzler

Jill Kanzler

5. Bill O'Connell - the wealthy out of town developer that managed to manipulate the corrupt council majority, with the help of Curt Pringle, to secure $158 miliion in future tax revenue to build two privately owned hotels.

Bill O'Connell

Bill O'Connell

6. Curt Pringle - The Master of the Universe and the man responsible for the financial state the city was in when Mayor Tait took over. He is also the mastermind behind the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel Giveaway, the $319 million Disney streetcar, the $184 million ARTIC train station, the Platinum "ghost town" Triangle mess, and countless other wastes of taxpayer funds.

Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

7. Bill Taormina - a man who has made his millions off of government contracts. A man who told me that "My financial support of Lodge came early and I cannot un-ring that bell. I wish he would have told me about his past. However, as a direct result of this lack of disclosure, and, the recent attacks on you, I have resolved NEVER to donate another penny to ANY political candidate in Anaheim or anywhere else."

So much for promises Bill.

Bill Taormina

Bill Taormina

Mayor Tait calls Pringle's robocall "untruthful"

From The OC Register:

ANAHEIM – Anaheim's former mayor took a public swipe against his successor's effort to establish an independent, civilian-based review board to oversee the police department.

Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

In a robocall blasted to about 70,000 Anaheim households last weekend, Curt Pringle said that the city was "at a crossroads" and accused Mayor Tom Tait of "pursuing a terrible plan" to create a commission comprised of residents charged with reviewing policies and allegations of misconduct within the Anaheim Police Department.

"I don't believe these civilian oversight boards enhance the ability to protect the citizenry and only create a political layer on top of another political layer," Pringle, a lobbyist who served two terms as Anaheim's mayor from 2002 to 2010, said of his reason for recording the message sponsored by the Anaheim Police Association.

"You have an elected city council who should know what's happening in their city when it comes to police issues," Pringle said. "You don't need activists or politically connected people on a police review board."

Tait said he found Pringle's remarks to be "deeply disappointing."

Establishing guidelines

Tait raised the idea of creating a citizen review board in the wake of two officer-involved shootings last July, which sparked several days of civil unrest. There have been at least 37 police-involved shootings in Anaheim over the past decade, 21 of which were fatal, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

City Manager Bob Wingenroth is in the process of drafting an ordinance outlining the duties of the proposed civilian panel and how its members would be appointed. It's unclear when the proposal will come before the City Council.

"Aside from being untruthful, Mr. Pringle's comments only hurt our effort to bring the city together and heal from the events of this past summer," Tait said. "Transparency is good for any organization and it is essential for building trust, which is the foundation of effective law enforcement and community policing."

The Anaheim Police Association has issued two robocalls expressing its strong opposition to the oversight panel. The union, which represents about 350 Anaheim police officers, spent about $25,000 to record and deliver the latest telephone message.

For now, Anaheim Police Department conducts internal reviews of complaints, while the Orange County District Attorney's Office investigates criminal culpability in police-involved shootings, said Kerry Condon, president of the Anaheim Police Association. Additionally, the Office of Independent Review -- a panel of retired law enforcement officials and attorneys -- conduct annual audits of the police department's actions.

Citizen involvement

Condon said he believes those measures are sufficient and said that "no good change" can come from a citizen review board.

"Those types of things are usually implemented in police departments that have serious problems like corruption and an inability to control officers," Condon said. "Anaheim does not fall into that category in any way, in my opinion."

About 20 police agencies across California have a civilian oversight committee, according to the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit group working to improve accountability of police departments.

"The benefit is having a police commission is that you have citizens who are not involved in any way in law enforcement to provide another layer of oversight for internal controls," said Richard Tefank, executive director of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners, a five-member civilian panel established during the 1920s to oversee the LAPD.

"Internal department reviews are fine, but the District Attorney's Office only determines whether any crimes are committed," Tefank said. "A citizen-based panel can recommend policies to the City Council and then determine whether an officer violated those policies, which is a whole different role

The Dangerous Lies of Anaheim Police’s Kerry Condon

From The Orange Juice Blog:

There are times when perception usurps reality, and nowhere is that more true than in law enforcement.  It’s the perception of danger that prompts an officer to take the life of an unarmed suspect, and it is ONLY the perception of danger that the officer is held accountable for in the typical District Attorney investigation of an officer-involved shooting.

Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon

I truly believe the vast majority of law enforcement professionals are decent men and women who show up for work day after day wanting to do a good job. Unlike Robo-Call Pringle, I wouldn’t be so brazen as to presume to speak for the majority of Anaheim residents.  I can only say that most people I personally speak with seem to appreciate the very difficult position the Police find themselves in.  The general sentiment (as I see it) is that the public wants to work alongside the Anaheim Police Department to reduce the crime affecting all of us, and we want a true partnership in which we understand and trust one another.  But that partnership only with two-way communication, and that communication is something we lack right now.

Why are there twice as many shooting victims at the hands of Police over the last two years than officers killed in the line of duty in the entire history of the Police department?It sends a mixed message to claim that officers do not want to shoot young men on the street, and then claim that the system we have in place works just fine.  If the system worked fine, 

Plainly, something is NOT working.  The current system of self-examination for law enforcement is clearly unable to address whatever unique set of circumstances make Anaheim officers so much more fearful on duty than their counterparts in nearby cities.  We need to get to the bottom of that fear and distrust before anyone else gets hurt.  This must stop.  To claim the system works is to say the death rate is acceptable, and it is not.

Read the full story here:

APA's Kerry Condon takes aim at Mayor Tait

At yesterdays city council meeting, APA President Kerry Condon attacked Mayor Tom Tait.

See video below:

During his speech he also lashed out at critics of the police department stating "I am here to oppose those who tell blatant lies about our police officers . . . ." Pot meet kettle Mr. Kerry Condon. You stood before the council and misrepresented the facts aka lied regarding Mayor Tait. Blaming him for economic issues, low police numbers, stated he enacts bad policy, and hurts public safety. Mr. Kerry Condon might want to look at Curt Pringle's mismanagement of city funds that Mayor Tait inherited, the policies of the majority that consistently undermine TOT revenues (that funds police officers) in favor of their developer pals, and so on.

You're an embarrassment to the Anaheim Police Department. I hope under oath you don't lie like you did tonight in front of the entire City of Anaheim.