OC Register's Exposé of Increasing Anaheim PD Ineptitude

From The OC Weekly:

Times are definitely tough for the Anaheim Police Department when even the Orange County Register is raising critical questions! In a fine article by Keegan Kyle that ran in yesterday's paper but that you can't read online because of that whole paywall thing, the city's police department is increasingly failing to solve violent crimes. Under former Chief of Police Roger Baker, the department could once boast a 73 percent rate of solving violent crime cases between 1998-2002. 

But since then, largely under the oversight of current Chief John Welter, who announced his pending retirement recently, that statistic has dropped thirty percentage points in a downward spiral over ten years unrivaled by any other law enforcement agency within county lines. 

Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon

The news is sure to cause a rhetorical shimmy and shuffle among the chief's boosters and, indeed, already has. The reasons for the current 43% violent crime solving rate, largely fueled by rape and felony assaults, are debated by all sides in the Reggie article, but other pertinent data and facts are as follows:
  • Solved rape cases dropped from 77% in '98-'02 to 42% in the past five years.
  • At least 480 rape cases remain unsolved since 2002.
  • Since 2002, APD's budget has ballooned 60%.
  • Between 2002-2009 staffing levels grew, but crime-solving rates still dropped 30%.
  • APD never reported the declining statistics to the city council nor residents.
  • Most of the violent crime occurs in Anaheim proper (West of the 57 freeway)

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Anaheim Police only solve 43% of violent crimes

From The Orange Juice Blog:

Curt Pringle

Curt Pringle

This morning’s Orange County Register features a fine investigative piece by new reporter Keegan Kyle reporting that the Anaheim Police Department may not only have one of the more dismal records in the State for solving crime, but they appear to have created an accountability system that covers over those numbers when reporting to the City Council and the public.  

So much for that transparency they claim is good enough that it makes civilian oversight unnecessary.

The investigative piece spreads over the entire first half of the Register’s Local section, and frankly justifies every nickel I pay for my subscription.

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APA's Kerry Condon takes aim at Mayor Tait

At yesterdays city council meeting, APA President Kerry Condon attacked Mayor Tom Tait.

See video below:

During his speech he also lashed out at critics of the police department stating "I am here to oppose those who tell blatant lies about our police officers . . . ." Pot meet kettle Mr. Kerry Condon. You stood before the council and misrepresented the facts aka lied regarding Mayor Tait. Blaming him for economic issues, low police numbers, stated he enacts bad policy, and hurts public safety. Mr. Kerry Condon might want to look at Curt Pringle's mismanagement of city funds that Mayor Tait inherited, the policies of the majority that consistently undermine TOT revenues (that funds police officers) in favor of their developer pals, and so on.

You're an embarrassment to the Anaheim Police Department. I hope under oath you don't lie like you did tonight in front of the entire City of Anaheim.

Anaheim Police Association VS. Mayor Tait

In addition to the robo calls this morning, the Anaheim Police Association (APA) blasted this e-mail out:

President of the APA, Kerry Condon

President of the APA, Kerry Condon

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and his supporters are attempting to weaken our police force by implementing policies and police review procedures that could jeopardize the safety of Anaheim’s families. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Independent Review already perform independent and objective reviews of officer-involved incidents.

Don’t let the Mayor’s hand-picked cronies and City politics get in the way of our public safety. As citizens of Anaheim, it’s time to take a stand for safer streets, schools and homes.

Don’t let Tom Tait take away our strong police force

Here is a list of cities in CA with civilian police oversight:




Long Beach

Los Angeles







San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose

Santa Cruz


Are these police departments weak APA? Do these police departments jeopardize the safety of residents APA? I don't think so. Now watch as Brandman who received over $60,000 in Anaheim Police Association PAC support throw the people of Anaheim under the bus.

APD Chief goes after activist Duane Roberts

From OC Weekly:

The issue of assessing models for a potential police oversight commission was on the agenda during last night's meeting of the Anaheim city council. An impromptu encounter between former council candidate Duane Roberts and Anaheim Police Chief John Welter in the chamber lobby was not. 

Duane Robert's tells it like it is. Unlike Brandman who can't even admit police brutality exists in Anaheim.

Duane Robert's tells it like it is. Unlike Brandman who can't even admit police brutality exists in Anaheim.

It was there that the chief confronted the longtime activist, angrily saying, "Do I get a chance to refute all the bullshit lies you say at council? No." 

The head of the Anaheim Police Department was apparently none too pleased with what Roberts had to say earlier during public comments. His three minutes at the podium wasn't something he originally planned on, but drew ire nonetheless.

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From The Voice of OC:

The debate in Anaheim about police conduct has become so contentious that at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting Police Chief John Welter publicly accused a former council candidate of spreading “bullshit lies” during the public comments portion of the meeting. The accusation came just after the City Council unanimously directed City Manager Bob Wingenroth to develop a specific proposal for a police oversight body that would include civilians.

A clearly angry Welter confronted Duane Roberts, a frequent critic of the Police Department on OrangeJuice Blog, in the crowded council chambers lobby and told Roberts to speak with the chief before maligning him at council meetings.

Anaheim Police Chief John Welter

“Do I get a chance to refute all the bullshit lies you say at council? No,” Welter said.

That the police chief would publicly berate a resident and insist that the chief be allowed to vet the criticism before it goes public raised concerns among some about a possible chilling effect on residents who witnessed the confrontation.

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